Privacy Policy GreenOpia Naturals

The privacy policy describes GreenOpia Naturals policies and procedures on the entire range of apparels, its use, and exposure of the information provided by users and visitors. GreenOpia Naturals will never use any information of the users and every user who comes to this platform is bound to follow the privacy policy.

  1. Data protection is a matter of trust and for us; your privacy is of supreme importance. Hence, we would only use your name and related information that comes under the privacy policy.
  2. Your information will be kept by us only till the purpose of collecting it gets over, or it is required to keep as per the law.
  3. You don’t need to provide your details to browse our website. Unless and until you log in with your username and password, we won’t be able to identify you.
  4. GreenOpia Naturals will ask you to give only that information which is mandatory as per the applicable laws.
  5. If you are placing an order with us, we may collect various information that we’ll require to authenticate the process.
  6. The main purpose for collecting your data is to process your purchase smoothly, or to settle any later claims, if any, and also to provide our extended services. These basic details include: name, gender, email address, contact details, postal address, delivery address, payment details, payment card details, bank details, IP address, and other personal and non-personal information that may be needed while accessing the website.
  7. Your information may be stored in electronic form; however, we are authorized by you to store it even in the physical form.
  8. Your information is required mainly to process your order. We may even use the data to process the payment for the timely delivery.
  9. Please note that we may share your information to our employees, service providers, affiliates, suppliers, bank, payment gateway operators, and judicial institutions like law enforcement agencies.
  10. We may use your details to manage the website, detect fraud activities, to send you latest updates, or in case of some queries.
  11. Your order details will be stored with us that you can check anytime by logging into your account. Please ensure that you do not transfer your confidential password to third party as we cannot assume any liability for misuse of passwords unless it is from our end.
  12. Same applies with us! We won’t be sharing your details to any third party without your consent. Though, we do reserve the right of sharing these details in case of legal procedures.
  13. You and your information is one of our most important assets. Hence, we adhere to apply physical and technological security devices to make sure that your information is at the peak of safety.
  14. In spite of anything, to the contrary, the website shall not be responsible for any damage, misuse, or loss of the information provided by you.