Pure Moringa Oil - GreenOpia Naturals
Pure Moringa Oil - GreenOpia Naturals

    Pure Moringa Oil

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        This is a Vegetarian product.

      GreenOpia Pure Moringa Oil

      The Moringa tree—also known as the "Miracle Tree" and "Tree of Life"—has many benefits and uses. Moringa oil is an essential oil culled from Moringa oleifera, Moringa oil works wonders on improving human health and beauty.  These are extremely rich in phytonutrients and can make a great impact on your overall health.

      • 100% Pure and Natural
      • Cold Pressed: Moringa oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of Moringa oleifera
      • Rejuvenates and cleanses your skin
      • Moringa oil is rich in vitamin C.
      • Moringa oil has strong anti-aging properties that help improve wrinkles, support prevention of facial skin sagging and naturally fight free radical damage - effectively providing you with soft smooth skin and a beautiful youthful look. 
      • Moringa oil helps fight skin fatigue, Fights acne, blackheads, and dark spots
      • Nourishment and protection of bones is another great benefit of Moringa oil. 

        Ingredients: Pure Moringa oil

        Directions: Take a small quantity of Moringa Oil and gently massage into skin, allow it to work for 30 minutes. 

        You can also take 15ml of Moringa oil daily or as directed by Healthcare Practitioner.


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