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Pure Neem Oil - GreenOpia Naturals
Pure Neem Oil - GreenOpia Naturals

    Pure Neem Oil

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      Product Information

        This is a Vegetarian product.

      Pure Neem Cold Pressed Oil 

      ( 60ml Extra Virgin/ Cold Pressed/ Unrefined/ Unfiltered/ Edible)

      Key Features of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Neem Oil

      • The blood purification process is carried out in a much efficient manner. Results in an acne-free, flawless and glowing skin.
      • Capable of curing a host of diseases. Moreover, antioxidants also delay the aging process.
      • Keeps all bacteria at bay and controls the break out of acne and other skin problems effectively
      • Capable of detoxifying the toxins present in the body. Eliminates toxic material from the body. Prevents the body from skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, warts, boils, etc.
      • Promotes hair health.
      • Strengthens the immune system
      • Improves the health of the gastrointestinal tract
      • Controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, promotes heart health and prevents the formation of clots
      • Controls the insulin levels and therefore, benefits people with diabetes
      • Capable of regulating the function of the most important organ of the body-the liver

      Ingredients: Pure Neem Oil

      Directions: Take 15ml of Neem oil daily or as directed by Healthcare Practitioner.