Top 3 Benefits of Using a Coffee Face Wash

Top 3 Benefits of Using a Coffee Face Wash

Coffee is not only intoxicating for your brain but also your skin. If you are looking for a gentle exfoliating face wash with the goodness of acne-killing ingredients—a  Coffee Face Wash is your answer.

Many face cleansers on the market use coffee as their base, but many of these products also contain SLS, Parabens, and harmful alcohols. These substances are added to increase the shelf-life or texture of the product, but they only end up stripping the vital nutrition from your skin.

GreenOpia's Coffee Face Wash has a unique blend that nourishes your skin, revitalizes your skin, and restores an even glow. We’ve mentioned some of the most attractive benefits down below:

  1. Purifies and Soothes:  The coffee-aloe duo leaves your skin nourished, clean, and healthy. The exfoliating nature of coffee extracts removes all rigid impurities from your skin, while the healthful aloe-vera boosts new life into it. This is beneficial for people with sensitive skin who often don’t have many options on the shelf that will not only fight dirt and oil but also soothe their skin.
  2. Ideal for All Skin Types: We have all been guilty of using a skincare product that didn’t suit our skin type. But we understand, it might not always be convenient. Some people need a product they can rely on, without other extra jhanjhat. The good news is that this nourishing coffee cleanses always helps. The concoction in this face wash has been carefully blended to suit all skin types, including combination skin.
  3. Made with Love This face wash contains no animal-derived ingredient and hasn’t been tested on animals either. A product made with cruelty to animals can never provide love to your skin. This is why all of GreenOpia's products are made with zero harm to animals.

Our vegan products are always made with the best natural elements that have only one purpose—giving love to your skin.


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